• Creative Weekend: Retro & Vintage
  • Creative Weekend : The Old mill
  • Creative Weekend : Château Dufresne
  • Creative Weekend : Boudoir
  • Creative Weekend : Griffintown building


Every few months, we organize an event with a specific theme, in various locations (old mill, studio, theatre, etc.). Photographers, models, hair stylists and makeup artists are invited, and shoot in a “speed-shooting” style, i.e. every 20-30  minutes, everybody move and change setups and partners… Being able to create stunning images in a limited time adds a little challenge, while also allowing participants to meet and work with a variety of new people, learn new techniques and share inspiration.

How does it work?

When an event is announced, you can register online. It’s usually open to any photographer and model, whether you have little or a lot of experience. If there is an age minimum, you will be advised, but usually these events are open to everyone.

Registration prices vary depending on the place we have rented.  Patreon sponsors get a special discount on these events (to become a patron, click here)

Hair stylists and makeup artists are also welcome, as it is hard to get a complete look without you! We will discuss looks and ideas prior to the event.

Every photographer will agree to send and share the best shots of every model they have shot during the event (min. 5 photos) with the right for the models to use these photos in their own book (of course you can put your copyright on these photos).

Before-and-after shots, when available, will also be given to models and makeup artists/hair stylists, who will also receive the final shots of the looks.


You don’t have to have a lot of experience – in fact, it’s better if you are not doing this professionally, as you will learn even more from theses events.  You’ll have the opportunity to shoot with a variety of models, with different looks, in different settings, and share ideas with other colleague photographers.


Amateur or professional, with or without experience, it doesn’t matter ! The only requirement is a desire to pose in front of the camera, meet new people and get awesome new images for your book.  Some events are 18+, but most are open to all (children must be accompanied, of course).


If you would like to test a new look, create a new style, or practice on a variety of new faces, these events are for you.  We always try to take “before-and-after” shots, and photographers will share with you their best shots, for you to use in your own book / website / social media.


Join us….

at our next Weekend Créatif that will take place shortly…

Also, if you have ideas for our next theme, or if you know a great location where we could go and shoot, don’t hesitate to contact us by email to let us know ! 🙂